HI. I'm Kerrie Masters.

Yup! That's me, there, with the metal detector. Self confessed super geek, lover of creative pursuits, oh and history. Lots and lots of history.


I began my art journey when lockdown came about and put pay to performing live music (my first love since I was small). But then, I found something really special in expressing myself through paint and colours and textures. The bigger the challenge the more excited I became, the bigger the canvas the more expressive etc.


Fast forward two years and I'm taking commissions, painting murals, hand making floating canvas frames and to top it all, I've found a way to combine my new found love of art, with my longstanding love of history. (Smooth Segway right?)

                                                   Photo credit: Shelley Gwyn-Jones


I mean, look at my face after finding that muddy old jam jar! What more could I possibly say about hunting for history? 


To me, it's years and years of evolution and advancement, relationships and dramas all piled into who we are, right now, in the present. To see, hold or find an item that has been lost and remained hidden for centuries is just something that has always made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, kind of like the way a piece of music can bring you to tears. That's how much I am moved by our past.


Another lockdown pursuit was long walks in my hometown, searching in streams and pathways for pieces of pottery, flint tools and items discarded over the years. This led to me finally investing in my first metal detector and so the obsession grew.


So now I was the proud owner of many many beautiful shards of Victorian, Medieval and even Roman pottery, pieces of metal, coins and other mystery objects. These items and their secrets have remained hidden for so many years, I just feel compelled to keep them with me, wear them and hold them and give them new life. Thinking there are others, somewhere out there , like me, I decided to set up shop and make them available to you guys.

And this is where the ART.  comes into play again. 


Breathing creative life into these items, recycling pieces from our past so we can hold them close and love them again, gives me so much joy.


I hope you like my pieces.


Thanks for visiting!