Mismatched Dolls Cup and Bead earrings

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A pair of earrings made from a ceramic repainted dolls cup (early 20th C) and a pale blue glass bead. 

The Dolls cup is estimated around the early 20th Century due to the thickness of the ceramic used. It is handpainted to replicate the paint left on the cup from its original use.

The blue bead is a glass seed bead.

The History of Children's Toy Tea Sets in the Western World

Since the 19th century, children in the Western world have used toy tea sets to mimic their parents' tea-drinking rituals while learning proper table etiquette. During the mid to late 1800s, the toy industry experienced a surge, leading to the production of china and earthenware tea and coffee sets designed specifically for young girls. Unlike the delicate porcelain miniatures intended for collectors, these playthings were created to be handled and used. Although many of these tea sets have now found their way into collections, few remain complete and most show signs of the wear and tear inflicted by their young owners.