A sherd of Roman wrapped in silver

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This pendant is made of a sherd of Black burnished ware from between the 2nd and 4th centuries. It is wrapped using recycled sterling silver wire and suspended from a sterling silver chain.


Black-burnished ware is a type of Romano-British ceramic characterised by a pottery treatment called burnishing, in which the pot's surface is polished using a hard, smooth surface. This classification encompasses two distinct pottery types that share many stylistic characteristics.

Black Burnished Ware 1 (BB1) features a black, coarse, and gritty fabric, with hand-made vessels,  

Black Burnished Ware 2 (BB2) is known for its finer, grey-coloured, wheel-thrown fabric. Both types are decorated with burnished lattice or a wavy line design on bowls and dishes. Standard forms for both types include jars with everted rims and bowls with upright or flat-flanged rims.