Mismatched - Blue and White - Blue bead Earrings

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This piece of Blue and White was found just off the Thames Estuary. It is suspended on a stainless steel finding. It looks to be from a medium size plate. It is perfectly broken to form a beautiful statement piece of jewellery. It comes with a blue glass seed bead as a contrast piece.

About your piece of Blue and White

During the 1850's and 60's a group of artists and intellectuals associated with the Aestheticism movement discovered antique blue and white ceramic. These artists who valued Art for Arts sake - art that didn't make moral points but was appreciated purely for it's visual pleasure.  -  were fascinated by the beauty of Chinese Blue and White porcelain. In their 'search for beauty' influential Aesthetic artists like James McNeill Whistler and Dante Gabriel Rosetti eagerly collected these ceramics, also known as 'Nankin' or 'Old Blue' which were seen to embody the true beauty in colour, material and form.

Blue and White quickly became fashionable, not only among artists but also among the growing middle class, who collected it to demostrate their artitic and cultivated tastes. One of its appeals was the universally appealing colour combination, which mirrored the natural blue and white of the sky and brightened up the typically dark Victorian interior.